Walking on Water

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Welcome music lover!!  Thank you for stopping by!  My latest project, Walking on Water, is a thoughtful yet danceable collection of songs that stream seamlessly through the trials and triumphs of life and love.  This record was born of an effort to write an album of maximum listen-ablity and dance worthiness but with enough pith to satisfy even the most discriminating of listeners.  A great deal of this project was inspired by bits and pieces of my life, my observations of life - some of which I consider to be a gift as many songs were simply deposited into my keeping by the god of muses - and emerges ultimately as a celebration of love, loss, healing, perseverance and joy.  In all you will discover a common thread of humanity that stitches these tracks together and ties them up in a neat though rather weathered little bow and sets them afoot upon the deep and often shark infested waters of reality.  Check out the music page where you may indulge your senses in a dynamic distraction from whatever you were doing before, and read a track by track summary of the project Walking on Water - produced, recorded, mixed and mastered with Eric Lichter and Steve Wytas at Dirt Floor Studios.  


"The musicianship on the album is top-notch and features precision, expert production.  Levine's pleasing vocals remind me of Karen Carpenter with shades of Joan Baez.  The harmony laden songs are chock full of clever and intellectual lyrics. . . with songwriting reminiscent of Jackson Browne. . .looks back on an entire lifetime and is filled with imagery. . . haunting, alluring and speakeasy type. . .in a brilliant and beautiful way. . .vulnerable . . .alluring. . .gritty."    - Sue Menhart, Sound Waves Magazine 

"I'm four songs in to WOW and WOWEEE. This record is ridiculously great. You aren't kidding when you say, 'Turn it up,' because the sounds are stellar. You chose a great start song. The ending on track three is so interesting and very cool. Overlay of your vocals come through exact and beautiful. And of course the violin! Wow. the background music on track 4 is just phenomenal. Totally digging this record. I hear a lot of new music. We get tons every week at WCNI, and that's what I play for my three hours. This is going to be one of my favorites. Cannot wait for official release. So good Sondra. That Eric is a knock out."
- Pam Strollo  WCNI  90.9 FM New London, CT

"I haven't found a bad cut on your CD.  I can honestly tell you that a lot of CDs. . .if you get one or two good songs that's a pretty good CD, three or four good songs, wow!  But I like your whole CD.  It's a great CD!  I play it all the time on my show."
- Dorothy Ames WCNI 90.9 FM New London, CT and Gramma's Attic Music Revue CTPA TV

March Mid-ness!! 

What a whirlwind this week has been!!  Between mixing and mastering the final tracks of the record, some tweaking (not twerking) of packaging and getting back out in the circuit for the first time since August, it's been a wonderful ride!!  Last Monday I had the good pleasure of joining Dave and Ibby at iCRV radio along with host, Eric Lichter and fellow musicians, Eric Herbst, Brian Ebin, BoBo and Jessy Gritz for a Dirt Floor, group discussion of all things music and a sneak preview of a couple of my new tracks.  Then Wednesday night brought me to the Listening Room at the lovely Bee and Thistle Inn to make sweet music in front of  a spectacular scene of beautiful faces who ventured out to hear some of my new tunes.  Excellent audience!!  What a blast!  Saturday evening I hit the stage with the inimitable Eric Lichter (who also happens to be the phenomenal producer of my album, Walking On Water) the lovely and talented Anna May Thompson and songwriter Tim Quinn for the 23rd Sinner's Circle songwriters in the round.  I'm very excited because my new record is about to drop and the momentum in the run-up has been nothing short of delicious as mid March slices a cleanly satisfying line between winter's end and spring's rebirth!!

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