In keeping with her signature use of dynamic vocals, Connecticut based singer songwriter, Sondra Levine, divines melodically emotional word-smithing into visceral themes that weave a fluid and colorful tapestry threaded by the trials of life and love yet lightly punctuated with a dash of wry humor and a quietly cheeky sense of well-being. With lyrics profound in their simplicity and melodies steeped in harmonies distilled from the deep musical reservoirs of California's Laurel Canyon, early Motown, sixties and seventies folk, blues and pop, Sondra's music precipitates from a sky full of gravid clouds with a wink and a humble nod to an amalgam of classic artists whose influences rained deep into her own creative well.  Sondra continues to deliver a bare bones, acoustic version of her dancey, rockin', six piece, full production record, Walking On Water - produced by Eric Lichter at Dirt Floor Studios - while writing her next album and pursuing another tour.  

"Everyone has an opinion about what music I should play, but I can't be inauthentic to please people.  That wouldn't be art.  I look at it this way, I'm here writing these songs, I'm singing these songs.  if you want to listen, that's perfectly fine with me."

Sondra is also a designer by trade who derives deep satisfaction in the manipulation of wood, fabric, leather and various ephemera to build, repurpose, re-invent and impart new life to old things.  

"Everything within the confines of authenticity is art.  Whether you're crafting a song, painting a landscape, erecting a dream house or simply getting dressed -  Life is always, in some form, art.  It's all about inspiration, architecture and design to me.  You build it as you perceive it, and that's how you tell your story."

Book:  sondralevinemusic@yahoo.com

Sondra has shared the stage with national acts such as Nashville's Zac Brown BandCharlie AllenCarleansYarn, Say Darling, Kerri Powers as well as local and regional outfits, The Hoolios,  Anna MayRoy Dunn MacLeanJosi Davis, Plywood Cowboy and many others, and played keys and harmony vocals in The Charlie Allen Band and Jay Dempsy and Highway Call.  Sondra continued to expand her chops performing her songs in back to back duo projects with Dan Ravenelle of Village Jammers and songwriter Bruce Thorndike of ODNT before pairing down to the minimalism of live solo acoustic.  She has written commercially with Charlie Allen, Kris Bergnes and Steve Pasch of SB21 Studios Nashville, Chris and Teeb Manhattan, Steve Allen Nashville and Tony Stampley of Nashville NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International.)

Book:  sondralevinemusic@yahoo.com




"You'll want a copy of this record, and you'll want to play it loud!!" 

"The musicianship on the album is top-notch and features precision, expert production.  Levine's pleasing vocals remind me of Karen Carpenter with shades of Joan Baez.  The harmony laden songs are chock full of clever and intellectual lyrics. . . with songwriting reminiscent of Jackson Browne. . .looks back on an entire lifetime and is filled with imagery. . . haunting, alluring and speakeasy type. . .in a brilliant and beautiful way. . .vulnerable . . .alluring. . .gritty."  

- Sue Menhart, Sound Waves Magazine  - May 2018

"I'm four songs in to WOW and WOWEEE. This record is ridiculously great. You aren't kidding when you say, 'Turn it up,'  because the sounds are stellar. You chose a great start song. The ending on track three is so interesting and very cool. Overlay of your vocals come through exact and beautiful. And of course the violin! Wow. the background music on track 4 is just phenomenal. Totally digging this record. I hear a lot of new music. We get tons every week at WCNI, and that's what I play for my three hours. This is going to be one of my favorites. Cannot wait for official release. So good Sondra. That Eric is a knock out."
- Pam Strollo  WCNI  90.9 FM New London, CT

"I haven't found a bad cut on your CD.  I can honestly tell you that a lot of CDs. . .if you get one or two good songs that's a pretty good CD, three or four good songs, wow!  But I like your whole CD.  It's a great CD!  I play it all the time on my show."
-Dorothy Ames WCNI 90.9 FM New London, CT and Gramma's Attic Music Revue CTPA TV

Book:  sondralevinemusic@yahoo.com