With lyrics thoughtful in their simplicity and melodies that reverberate in the soul, Sondra plucks the heartstrings of humanity in love found and love lost, the trials of life and the triumph of the human spirit with a knotty, nostalgic coming of age in Gone Too Soon, a sultry, tenacious longing in Obsession, a wild and sexy anticipation of romance and adventure in Too Early to Go to Bed,  a quirky, tongue in cheek view of infidelity in Always Leaving, a noire, imaginative journey that meanders through life's pitfalls in Big Fish, and a melodic, anthem of victory, defeat and perseverance in the title track, Walking on Water.  Colors paints the beginning, misunderstanding and ultimate lonesome longing of forbidden love.  Waltz through a compelling, leisurely afternoon in a burgeoning relationship in Stay.  Razorwire: Up in Flames depicts the smokey, junkyard-like predicament of burning desire and entrapment in the ruins of a love gone awry while Broken Hearted and Brave unearths the jewel in the ashes of despair and the remedy and path to healing from betrayal.  Regardless of theme, these tunes will compel you to identify, listen reflectively and/or get up and DANCE!

"I'm four songs in to WOW and WOWEEE. This record is ridiculously great. You aren't kidding when you say, 'Turn it up,' because the sounds are stellar. You chose a great start song. The ending on track three is so interesting and very cool. Overlay of your vocals come through exact and beautiful. And of course the violin! Wow. the background music on track 4 is just phenomenal. Totally digging this record. I hear a lot of new music. We get tons every week at WCNI, and that's what I play for my three hours. This is going to be one of my favorites. Cannot wait for official release. So good Sondra. That Eric is a knock out."
- Pam Strollo  WCNI  90.9 FM New London, CT

"I haven't found a bad cut on your CD.  I can honestly tell you that a lot of CDs. . .if you get one or two good songs that's a pretty good CD, three or four good songs, wow!  But I like your whole CD.  It's a great CD!  I play it all the time on my show."
- Dorothy Ames WCNI 90.9 FM New London, CT and Gramma's Attic Music Revue CTPA TV

Walking On Water